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  1. Introduction to Solid-Fluid Equilibrium Modeling

    CEP Magazine article, September 2014

    This article introduces the thermodynamic property models that are commonly used in process simulators to perform solid-liquid equilibrium and solid-supercritical fluid equilibrium calculations.

  2. Spray Nozzles 101: Spray Nozzle Selection

    CEP Magazine article, August 2014

    Understand the two most common spray nozzle designs, as well as their basic characteristics, in order to choose the best nozzle for your application.

  3. CEP: Patent Update - Do You Qualify as a Co-Inventor?

    CEP Magazine article, July 2014

    Co-inventorship on a patent provides several advantages to an individual, but a proper listing of inventors is both critical to the patent’s validity and can be challenged at any time. A recent case involving a General Electric patent illustrates some of the requirements of a co-inventor and the hurdles that an individual can face when asserting co-inventorship status after a patent has been issued.

  4. Incorporate Rigorous Heat Exchanger Models in Simulation

    CEP Magazine article, July 2014

    Embedding a rigorous heat exchanger model within an established simulation environment can help engineers increase process yields, while minimizing heat exchanger energy consumption and capital expenditures.

  5. Pressure-Sensors Fundamentals: Interpreting Accuracy and Error

    CEP Magazine article, June 2014

    Before you choose a pressure-measuring instrument, make sure that you fully understand the ins and outs of the manufacturer-provided data.

  6. CEP: Process Automation Corner - The U.S. Process Automation Enterprise Looks to the Future

    CEP Magazine article, March 2014

    The outlook is bright for the process automation enterprise in the U.S. through this decade and into the next. Process automation skills and know-how are honed through challenging projects and are perfected by maintaining these systems at peak efficiency. Without constant renewal based on new and different challenges, these skills tend to atrophy and become obsolete. Fortunately, after more than a decade of decline, the U.S. process industries are entering a period of highly advantaged resource and energy availability.

  7. Solid-Liquid Equilibrium: The Foundation of Crystallization Process Design

    CEP Magazine article, March 2014

    Use a phase diagram to identify the best temperature, pressure, and composition conditions, as well as the optimal sequence of process operations to achieve a desired crystallization.

  8. Introduction to Pressure Measurement

    CEP Magazine article, March 2014

    Pressure-measuring devices come in a wide variety of designs and sizes to suit almost any application. This article describes the basics of pressure measurement and provides guidance on instrument selection.

  9. CEP: Patent Update - An On-Sale Bar to Patentability Can Arise in Various Ways

    CEP Magazine article, February 2014

    One of the ways in which companies often trip up in their attempts to develop a patent portfolio is by selling a product, or even offering it for sale, before filing a patent application. If more than a year passes between the date of a sale or offer and the application filing date, the application is disqualified from receiving a patent. Likewise, if a sale or offer a year before the filing date is revealed only after the patent has been granted, the patent is declared invalid. In either case, the applicant is barred from obtaining a patent, and this is known as an “on-sale bar.”

  10. Control Boiler Emissions through Work Practices and Energy Management

    CEP Magazine article, February 2014

    The Boiler MACT regulation provides compliance options that include pollution-abatement equipment, work practices, and energy efficiency improvements. An energy management and reporting system (EMRS) can be a part of a plant’s compliance strategy.