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Biomass as a Sustainable Energy Source for the Future: Fundamentals of Conversion Processes

November, 2014
Through contributions from leading experts in diverse field, this book features the latest biomass characterization techniques, biochemical and thermochemical conversion processes, the development of integrated biorefineries, and how to mitigate the environmental risks associated with using biomass for fuel. It includes examples, problems and projects which make it suitable for undergraduate and graduate education as well.

First to File: Patents for Today’s Scientist and Engineer

October, 2014
Inventors may be baffled by the complexity of the patent system. This book from an attorney is written for engineers and scientists, rather than patent professionals. It uses lay terms and practical examples to explain the latest updates to patent law, sets out the changes in determinations of patentable novelty, and focuses on the growth of new technologies industry versus the laws protecting them.

Cybersecurity for Executives: A Practical Guide

June, 2014
This essential cybersecurity text for executives in all sectors and at all levels provides practical advice that equips executives with the knowledge they need to make the right cybersecurity decisions. In plain language, you’ll learn how to recognize and act on threats to you and your business, along with how to act decisively to mitigate and recover from cyber incidents.

Control of Batch Processes

June, 2014
Approaching batch processing from the process perspective, with emphasis on the advantages of using structured logic in the automation of all but the simplest batch processes, this book provides engineers with real-world insight into analyzing control requirements, developing control logic to meet these requirements, and troubleshooting controls in batch processes.

Green Chemistry and Engineering: A Pathway to Sustainability

November, 2013
Green Chemistry and Engineering presents the green approach as an essential tool for tacking problems in chemistry. This text covers introductory concepts in general, organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry as well as biochemistry.

(Chinese) Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety

August, 2013

Optimal Automated Process Fault Analysis

January, 2013
With this book as their guide, readers have a powerful new tool for ensuring the safety and reliability of any chemical processing system. It details a tested and proven strategy to develop optimal automated process fault analyzers.

(Chinese) Guidelines for the Management of Change for Process Safety

January, 2013