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Guidelines for Implementing Process Safety Management, 2nd Edition

June, 2016
The 2 nd edition provides an update of information since the publication of the first edition including best practices for managing process safety developed by industry as well as incorporate the additional process safety elements. In addition the book includes a focus on maintaining and improving...

Introduction to Process Safety for Undergraduates and Engineers

June, 2016
Familiarizes the student or an engineer new to process safety with the concept of process safety management Serves as a comprehensive reference for Process Safety topics for student chemical engineers and newly graduate engineers Acts as a reference material for either a stand-alone process safety...

Introduction to Catalysis and Industrial Catalytic Processes

April, 2016
This book explains the fundamental principles of catalysis and their applications in an introductory text intended to excite those contemplating an industrial career in the chemical, petroleum, alternative energy, and environmental fields. It focuses on non-proprietary, basic chemistries with...

Optimization Methods in Metabolic Networks

March, 2016
This book provides a tutorial on the computational tools that use mathematical optimization concepts and representations for the curation, analysis and redesign of metabolic networks. Such analysis and redesign often requires the calculation of product yield, gene essentiality prediction,...

Guidelines for Defining Process Safety Competency Requirements

October, 2015
This Guideline presents the framework of process safety knowledge and expertise versus the desired competency level in a “super-matrix” format, vertically and diagonally. The matrix references for potential remedies/required training may be tailored to a company’s internally developed training,...


September, 2015

Energy Management and Efficiency for the Process Industries

April, 2015
Editors Alan P. Rossiter and Beth P. Jones have gathered material that lays out the underlying management and technical issues that drive successful industrial energy management program. With a foreword by the Hon. Charles D. McConnell, former assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, the book provides a clear understanding of both scope of the opportunity and the available methodologies for capturing energy savings.

事例に学ぶ化学プロセス安全 Beacon の教訓と事故防止の知恵

March, 2015
本書は、米国CCPS(AIChE)が毎月発行する、実際に起こった事故や不安全状態を取り上げて化学プロセス安全上の鍵となる教訓などをまとめたProcess Safety Beacon(2006年4月~2014年1月号)の和訳、およびその事例についての解説を一冊に収載したものである。

Using Aspen Plus in Thermodynamics Instruction: A Step-by-Step Guide

February, 2015
Stanley I. Sandler offers a step-by-step guide for students and faculty on the use of Aspen in teaching thermodynamics. The book shows how easily-accessible, modern computational techniques are opening up new vistas in teaching thermodynamics, using a range of applications of Aspen Plus for the...

Biomass as a Sustainable Energy Source for the Future: Fundamentals of Conversion Processes

November, 2014
Through contributions from leading experts in diverse field, this book features the latest biomass characterization techniques, biochemical and thermochemical conversion processes, the development of integrated biorefineries, and how to mitigate the environmental risks associated with using biomass for fuel. It includes examples, problems and projects which make it suitable for undergraduate and graduate education as well.

First to File: Patents for Today’s Scientist and Engineer

October, 2014
Inventors may be baffled by the complexity of the patent system. This book from an attorney is written for engineers and scientists, rather than patent professionals. It uses lay terms and practical examples to explain the latest updates to patent law, sets out the changes in determinations of patentable novelty, and focuses on the growth of new technologies industry versus the laws protecting them.

Cybersecurity for Executives: A Practical Guide

June, 2014
This essential cybersecurity text for executives in all sectors and at all levels provides practical advice that equips executives with the knowledge they need to make the right cybersecurity decisions. In plain language, you’ll learn how to recognize and act on threats to you and your business, along with how to act decisively to mitigate and recover from cyber incidents.