The Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems

January, 2001

Guides the reader through the entire process of security system design and integration, illustrating how the various physical and electronic elements work together to form a comprehensive system. A great resource both for the security professional and student alike, the book is arranged in three sections: determining the objectives; designing the system; and evaluating the system. The book’s structured approach emphasizes the use of component performance measures to establish the effectiveness of physical protection systems, applying scientific and engineering principles to meet goals. The author takes a problem-solving approach to security and risk assessment, explaining the use of electronic protection elements and demonstrating how these elements are integrated into an effective system.

Special Details: Butterworth-Heinemann title

What others say about the book: “Every sentence is direct, informative, and laced with the author's obviously strong technical background. Garcia's model is well thought out.” - Security Management

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