2000 Model G2 pump

The 2000 Model G2 pump features the crown gear-type universal joint, which is a heavy-duty drive train configuration. The pump is capable of accommodating exceptionally high torsional and thrust loads and can handle fluid viscosities up to 1,000,000 cP unassisted. The patented joint seals effectively protect gear joints from pumpage contamination. The pump offers flowrates to 400 gal/min and pressure capabilities to 350 psi. Additional product features include: superior abrasion resistance, low shear, varying hopper sizes, and high volumetric and mechanical efficiencies.

400-Gal Polyethylene Piston Bins

Designed for viscous products up to 500,000 cP, these 400-gal polyethylene non-pressure piston bins are closed-loop systems that protect materials from air, moisture, dirt and other contaminants. Ideal for FDA materials, such as mayonnaise and molasses, the bins are also used for transporting products for pharmaceutical manufacturers, wineries and breweries. Rugged and durable, the bins have fork-lift pockets to make for easy transport, and are reusable and returnable. The bins use a pump-operated system that fills and discharges through a single 3-in. bottom valve.

PFO filter press

A combination overhead and sidebar unit, the PFO filter press incorporates a mixed pack of membrane and recessed plates for significantly reduced cycle times, maximum cake dryness, and increased press capacity. Depending on the type of slurry processed, the PFO can deliver cycle times as short as 10 min, compared to 3–4 h for an average filter press. Heavy-duty, oversized inlet and hydraulic frames linked by side tension rods support the pressure piece and the entire plate pack. Two hydraulic cylinders on the sides of the filter press quickly and effectively open and space the plates.

Ultra-Web SB Filter Cartridges

An extension of this manufacturer’s nanofiber media technology, Ultra-Web SB is a new, tougher filter media for dust collection in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, textile and other manufacturing processes that face challenges from agglomerative dust.

Series 900 Industrial Vertical Immersion Vortex Sump Pump

The rugged Series 900 Industrial Vertical Immersion Vortex Sump Pump is ideal for service in industrial and municipal applications, including chemical slurries, fragile food processing solids, paper and pulpy solids, petroleum and oils, sewage, wastewater treatment, and textiles. The Series 900 is designed for long life in severe services with heads to 170 ft and temperatures to 350°F. The pumps are designed for dirty pumping services with minimal maintenance and are built for pit depths up to 26 ft with flows to 1,600 gal/min.

Sharpe PB-Series Pharmaceutical Mixers

The Sharpe PB-Series Pharmaceutical Mixers feature an IEC frame motor that weighs only 7 lbs. and all-steel drive systems with a Type 316L stainless steel dry-running mechanical seal, pedestal, and wetted parts. Ideally suited for batch processing from 5 to 200 L, these portable mixers have a sanitary Tri-Clamp mount, meet ASME BPE standards, and are SIP/CIP cleanable. The mixers can be configured with shafts up to 48-in long and polished from 5 to 40 Ra plus electropolishing. Several impeller configurations are offered and a white epoxy drive is standard.


The CARR VP Pilot combines two powerful Pilot centrifuges — the ViaFuge Pilot and the Powerfuge Pilot — to create a unique dual-operation system that is said to be the first of its kind in the industry. The system combines fast, gentle, small- to medium-scale cell harvesting and supernatant recovery for shear cells, such as mammalian and insect cells, with high G-force for liquid and solid separations of bacteria, yeast, proteins or submicron particles.

Moyno PowerFlow pump

Designed for highly viscous, abrasive or corrosive applications, the Moyno PowerFlow pump outperforms alternative positive-displacement pumps when handling adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, paper starch, asphalts, polymers, resins, plastics, food products, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, and chemical and industrial waste. The pump delivers superior pumping performance, lower maintenance and longer life as a result of its hardened tool steel or hardened 17-4 PH stainless steel pumping elements.

Industrial Fast Funnels

The Industrial Fast Funnels are a simple, convenient and clean way to pour solids or liquids. Intended for one-time use, each funnel remains clean and compact until separated from the header and opened. Made from coated, heavy-grade paper stock, they can be used with virtually any liquid or powder and are designed to fit a wide variety of orifices as small as 3/4-in. dia. Since a new funnel is always ready for use, particle contamination and fluid cross-contamination are virtually eliminated

Solids-Liquid-Injection-Manifold (SLIM) System

Designed for the induction of difficult-to-wet solids, such as fumed silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gums, thickeners and many pigments, the solids-liquid-injection-manifold (SLIM) system takes advantage of the strong vacuum force that occurs at the intake area and sucks in powders or liquids for immediate emulsification or dispersion. This new model includes all-stainless-steel surfaces and a mirror finish on the interior wetted components. As a result of this clean design, the unit is CIP/SIP-capable.


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