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PM2.5 Modeling Challenges

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Mar 31, 2014
Air Dispersion Modeling is usually required to demonstrate compliance with the Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM 2.5 in support of an air permit...

Project Execution Using the Stage Gate Process

Southwest Process Technology Conference
Oct 4, 2013
In recent years more and more projects are being executed effectively using the “Stage Gate” process. This presentation provides an overview of the...

Worker Behavior Changing by Dynamic Culture

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 30, 2013
INTRODUCTION The chemical industries need appropriated project of process to control safety and production avoiding accidents and environmental...

Fracking: The Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale

AIChE Web Forum
Nov 15, 2011
Led by experts from academia, government and industry, this interactive Web Forum presents an overview of the history, the current state of...

Resilience and Sustainable Development

SEF Webinar
Sep 21, 2011
This webinar discusses the challenges of sustainable development, and gives examples of current research on life cycle assessment, industrial ecology...

The Truth about Anthropogenic Climate Change

Virtual Local Section Webinar
Apr 28, 2011
This presentation will describe the situation as depicted by the UN-IPCC and other AGW supporters. Then the theories, models, and assumptions...

Agency - Friend or Foe?

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Mar 14, 2011
Permitting a new plant, process, or modification can be daunting task. Early presentation and meetings with the Agency can help you climb the paperwork hill. In this session, a brief description of the various Bureaus and how they interact will be presented. Further information will be provided on the Bureau of Air which has the most complex rules and regulations.

On the Solubility of Mercury in Liquid Hydrocarbons

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Mar 21, 2010
The solubility of Hgo was determined in 34 pure hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon mixtures, crude oils, and water from -65oC to +65oC (where each solvent...

Climate Change: Engineering R/D Needed!

AIChE Webinar
Jan 13, 2009
There are large uncertainties in the climate change debate that reflect the absence of the engineering community. These uncertainties call into...

Submitting Your First GHG Report

Environmental Management
Kristine Baranski, Mary Ellen Ternes
This overview of EPA’s greenhouse gas reporting rule explains the regulation’s requirements and suggests strategies for compliance. It also provides insights regarding enforcement and confidential business information.

Minimize Wastes from Specialty Chemical Processes

Environmental Management
Jeffrey Mueller, Michael Cipullo
Use this holistic approach as the basis for a process development strategy to identify environmentally sound, cost-effective, low-waste-generating processes.

The Rise of China - Progress at What Price?

News Feature
Boonsri Dickinson
As China undergoes an industrial revolution, its once pristine lands are being choked by pollution from coal-fired plants. Spurred by the upcoming 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China is quickly cleaning the air. And, it has long-term plans to invest...

The Road to Sustainability

Special Section
Darlene Schuster
What are some of the resources available to support industry's implementation of sustainability?

Preventing Pollution Around the World

Environmental Management
J. J.  Rao
By implementing these strategies at all of its overseas facililities, an international corporation can reap such benefits as increased efficiency, reduced costs and a positive public image.

Controlling NOx Emissions - Part 1

Environmental Management
Mike Bradford
NOx emission standards are becoming very tight, especially in the Houston area and in Southern California. Among the technologies to meet these standards are process modifications and energy efficiency improvements, as well as advanced burner...

Controlling NOx Emissions - Part 2

Environmental Management
Mike Bradford
NOx reduction technologies include selective catalytic reduction, selective noncatalytic reduction, and catalytic oxidation/scrubbing.

Thermodynamics for the Practicing Engineer

June, 2009
Thermodynamics for the Practicing Engineer, as the title suggests, is written for all practicing engineers and anyone studying to become one. Its focus therefore is on applications of thermodynamics, addressing both technical and pragmatic problems in the field. Readers are provided a solid base in...

Pollution Prevention: Methodology, Technologies and Practices

November, 1998
As many industries are beginning to learn, pollution prevention technologies offer more than just a way to comply with regulations, or even to “do the right thing.” It also makes smart business sense. The authors of this book, both veterans of DuPont’s in-house waste reduction team, have put...

Prepare Now for REACH Compliance

Environmental Management
Beth Sirull
Pending legislation would require companies that make or use chemicals in the European Union to register those substances.

Mitigating Global Climate Change Through Power-Generation Technology

Critical Issues
Frank Princiotta
With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change set to release its Fourth Assessment Synthesis Report later this month, now is a good time for chemical engineers to take a look at this topic. This article provides a succinct integration of...

Use Periodic Checks to Demonstrate Title V Compliance

Environmental Management
Colleen McCarthy, John M. Beath
This hybrid technique of determining whether a plant is meeting its regulatory requirements helps overcome the pitfalls of action-tracking and compliance auditing.

Selecting the Proper Flare System

Back To Basics
Adam Bader, Charles E. Baukal Jr., P.E., Wes Bussman
Flares allow for the safe, effective disposal of gases and liquids, by acting as relief devices when a plant must quickly dispose of product within its system to prevent overpressurization and potential explosions.

Controlling Emissions During Cold Furnace Startup

Environmental Management
Charles E. Baukal Jr., Jianhui Hong, Richard T. Waibel, Wes Bussman
High carbon monoxide emissions from a furnace while its temperature is being ramped up can exceed permit limits if appropriate measures are not taken. Here are a few suggestions.

Preparing for GHG Inventory Verification

Environmental Management
- Lauren M. Sandler, James T. Wintergreen
To ensure that the greenhouse gas inventory is accurate and complete, prepare for eventual third-party verification during the planning and data collection stages.

Technology Integration Challenges

Special Section
Jared P. Ciferno, John J. Marano, Ronald K. Munson
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) could be an important part of the transition to lower-carbon energy sources. However, widespread integration of CCS with existing power-generation plants and technologies — on a commercial scale and in a cost-...
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