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Choose a Career Base on Real Degree

Whenever you go to buy a product, you always prefer an original and high value product. No one would like to purchase anything which does not offer equal or greater value.

When it comes to education, it is an important decision. In the online world, there are numerous online universities...

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The Changing Paradigm of Education

University and college education is the key which unlock the doors to the professional world. Individuals around the world go through universities and colleges and acquire education to secure a respectable and white collar job and employment. There are various disciplines taught in the...

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Online Education

Online Education from Harvard University

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Middle East Diploma Course: Is it really right for you?

Specialization is a new trend which is prevailing in the society.Today, most of the people who have expertise in a particular area are enrolling in certification courses to make their profile more appealing. Working adults living in Dubai are also focusing on diploma courses to augment their...

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Columbia Pacific Local Section

Welcome to the Columbia Pacific Local Section!

Though centered in Portland, OR our chapter serves chemical engineer and related professionals throughout northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.  We aim to provide monthly meetings centered around interesting and relevant technical topics...

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AIChE Program Committee
The Program Committee (PC) is responsible for organizing and conducting the AIChE Annual and Spring Meetings, as well as other workshops, symposia and conferences of the Institute. The committee is also responsible for coordinating with other technical societies in respect to joint...
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Coastal Bend Local Section

Welcome to the Coastal Bend Local Section Site.

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Ethylene Producers' Committee

The objective of the Ethylene Producers' Committee is to provide a communication medium through meetings, seminars, courses, and publications for the exchange of non-confidential information concerning the manufacture and distribution of ethylene.


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Upstream Engineering & Flow Assurance Forum (UE & FA)

The mission of the UE&FA Forum is to serve the broad range of interests and needs of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, petroleum engineers, civil engineers, petroleum chemists and our colleagues from many other disciplines who work in the upstream part of the energy industry and who...

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Alexandria, Egypt Local Section

Welcome to the Alexandria, Egypt Local Section.

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