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DIPPR 801 Database

DIPPR 801 Database

The DIPPR 801 Database is an extensive database of rigorously evaluated pure component data on industrially important chemical compounds. The Database contains:

DIADEM Software Interface

DIADEM is a convenient interface to the DIPPR 801 Database that enhances one's ability to view, calculate, plot and compare the thermophysical properties in the database.

DIADEM Highlights:

  • Predict properties using the automated prediction package
  • Search and compare multiple components
  • Compare user database with DIPPR 801 Database
  • View multiple components at a time
  • Graph and plot thermophysical data points
  • Convert values
  • Calculate and compare properties at different temperatures
  • Set default units/add user units
  • Create and manage a user database
  • View 2-D and 3-D models of database compounds

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Chime Plugin

Watch the DIADEM video tutorial

 DIPPR® 801 Database Access Possibilities

DIPPR 801 Database/DIADEM Software Interface

DIPPR 801 Database, Web Version

Secondary Distribution

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Sample DIPPR 801 Database, Web Version

DIPPR 801® Database/DIADEM Software Interface

The database management system implemented by this project is Microsoft Access®. A free 'runtime' version of Microsoft Access® included with the database allows users to view the data tables and chemical information using a simple graphical user interface designed by the BYU DIPPR® 801 staff. The interface enables users to search for chemicals by name, number of carbon atoms, molecular formula, etc.

The recommended system requirements for the database are:
• Windows 95® or Windows NT® 4.0 (or later)
• Pentium® Class CPU
• 32 MB RAM
• 800 x 600 Resolution Display
• 150 MB Free Hard Disk Space
• CD-ROM Drive

DIPPR 801® Database, Web Version

The WWW interface to the database provides the following enhancements and capabilities over those available in the stand-alone and network version:

• Search for a chemical by name, chemical formula, or CAS® number (the option is given to search based on an exact or partial match)
• Enter a range for any of the constant DIPPR® properties and find all compounds whose value for the property in question are inside the specified range (can be done for ranges on multiple properties)
• View the accepted DIPPR® values and the raw literature data
• Instantly calculate values for the temperature dependent properties at a specified temperature
• Display and graph both the fitted equation and raw data for the temperature dependent properties across a user defined temperature range
• Select from standard units (i.e. CGS, English, etc.) or build a custom set of units in which to display the values in the database
• Print out the information for a given chemical

This version is optimized for the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer®, but may work fine with other browsers.