DIPPR Mission & Vision


DIPPR's Mission is to be the world's best source of critically evaluated thermophysical and environmental, safety, and health property data.


DIPPR's Vision is to fill the need for property data required by the industries which produce and use chemicals.

DIPPR Compiles

DIPPR collects data from a wide range or sources; evaluates them critically; compares them with other values; and stores them in an easily accessible form.

DIPPR Correlates

DIPPR correlates the evaluated data emphasizing thermodynamic consistency, accurate reproduction of the values, and reasonable extrapolation.

DIPPR Measures

When property values needed by DIPPR members are not found in the literature, they can be measured in DIPPR projects. These data are added to the DIPPR databases to replace, improve, and extend existing estimations.

DIPPR Disseminates

After a period of exclusive use by members, DIPPR data are made available for public dissemination. Dissemination is via hard copy publications, computer programs and databases on diskettes and on-line, and multimedia. Revenues from distribution of results provide a substantial part of the total DIPPR budget.