AIChE Staff Contacts (By Department)

AIChE Staff Contact List by Department

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Customer Service

General Inquiries: 800-242-4363

International calls: 203-702-7660
Fax: 203-775-5177 
name title e-mail Phone/extension responsible for?
Tina Murray Supervisor, Customer Service 203-702-7672 Customer Service
Tara Fleminks Manager, Customer Service 203-702-7675 Customer Service

Executive Office

Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
June Wispelwey Executive Director 646-495-1310 Executive Office
Susan Newton-Dunn Executive Office Administrator 646-495-1312 Executive Office Administration
Heather Yuengling Board Assistant Secretary and Administrator 646-495-1311 Board of Directors Executive Office Administration


Name Title e-mail extension responsible for?
Anne Schaeffer Director, Education & Training 646-495-1363 Education - ILT & eLearning
Suman Patil Product Manager, eLearning 646-495-1383 Education - eLearning
Jeffrey Perez Training Coordinator 646-495-1394 Education - ILT, In-Company
Ashley Smith Training Coordinator 646-495-1318 Education - ILT, In-Company

Finance & Operations

Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Rick Cain Director, Finance, IT & Database 646-495-1350 Finance, Strategy, IT & Database
Bette Lawler Director, Operations 646-495-1320 Operations


Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible For?
June Wispelwey Acting Director, SBE 646-495-1310 Society for Biological Engineering (SBE)
Evan Flach Technical Associate 646-495-1381 Society for Biological Engineering (SBE)



Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Darlene Schuster Director, IfS & CEI 410-458-5870 IfS & CEI
Lucy Alexander Technical Product Associate 646-495-1319 IfS
Derek Wu Technical Product Associate 646-495-1313 IfS


CCPS - Center for Chemical Process Safety

 Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Scott Berger Director, CCPS 646-495-1370 CCPS, Sales
Lamese Bader Member Associate 646-495-1371 CCPS - Center for Chemical Process Safety
Jing Chen Project Manager, CCPS 646-495-1369 CCPS Website
Louisa Nara Technical Director, CCPS 646-495-1373 CCPS - Center for Chemical Process Safety
Orlando Acosta Latin American Regional Manager 646-495-1372 CCPS - Center for Chemical Process Safety
Albert Ness Process Safety Writer 646-495-1379 CCPS - Center for Chemical Process Safety



See Project Contacts

Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Joseph Rogers Dippr Consultant 646-495-1391 Dippr
Nathan Lott Marketing & Sales 480-734-4007 Marketing & Sales


Giving & Human Resources

 Name   Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Cathy Diana Director, Human Resources & Foundation 646-495-1340 Human Resources, Foundation
Lisa Lanzkowsky Director, Major Gifts and Events 646-495-1351 Foundation, Major Gifts and Events
Darcy Lorin Director of Corporate Relations 646-495-1398 Corporate Sponsorships
Stephanie Viola Manager, Individual Giving 646-495-1342 Foundation Development



Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Tim McCreight Marketing Director 646-495-1325 Marketing
Jeanne Chan Senior Project Manager 646-495-1327 Marketing for Spring and Annual Meetings
Bob Luchino Project Manager, Marketing 646-495-1323 Marketing for Specialty Conferences & CCPS
Alexis Manias Senior Project Manager 646-495-1329 Membership Marketing
Rebecca Matos Junior Project Manager 646-495-1324 Membership Marketing
Justin Shames Project Manager, Marketing 646-495-1399 Education Marketing
Paula Angarita Graphics Professional 646-495-1328 Marketing


Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Jeffrey Wood Meetings Director 646-495-1315 Meetings
Todd Caporizzo Meetings Planner 646-495-1317 Meetings
Ilia Killeen Meetings Professional 646-495-1316 Meetings
Michelle Marsnick Meetings Planner 646-495-1309 Meetings



Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Barbara McDonald Director, Membership 646-495-1380 Membership
James Abel Membership Associate 646-495-1384 Membership
Camille Belcuore Manager, Personal Financial Benefits 646-495-1321 Member Benefits
Monica Stowe Membership Coordinator 646-495-1333 Young Professionals, Local Sections
Allison Cargile Undergraduate Student Program Lead 646-495-1364 Students


Steve Smith Publications Director 646-495-1360 Journals, books, PR
Gordon Ellis Senior Communications Specialist 646-495-1348 PR, Communication, CEP
Arthur Baulch Journal Specialist 646-495-1365 AIChE Journal and Process Safety Progress
Cynthia Mascone Editor-in-Chief, CEP 646-495-1345 CEP Magazine
Michelle Bryner Senior Editor, CEP 646-495-1349 CEP Magazine
Emily Frangenberg Assitant Editor, CEP 646-495-1347 CEP Magazine
Elizabeth Pavone Assistant Editor, CEP 646-495-1322 CEP Magazine
Karen Simpson Sales/Production Administrator, CEP 646-495-1346 CEP Magazine


Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Fernando Jorge Sales Director 646-495-1518 Sales
Fernando Jorge Global Sales and Business Development Manager, Events 646-495-1518 Sponsorship and Exhibitor Sales
Denise DeLuca-Mallon Account Manager, In-company Training 646-495-1362 Sales of In-company Education
Shaw Xiao Sales & Business Development Professional 646-495-1354 Sales
Nathan Lott Global Sales Manager, Advertising, Recruitment and DIPPR 480-734-4007 Sales


Program Development

Name Title E-mail Extension Responsible for?
Kristine Chin Director, Meeting & Conference Programming 646-495-1366 Meetings & Conference Programming
Stephanie Orvoine-Couvrette Project Manager, Program Development 646-495-1367 Meetings & Conference Programming
Shiva Gupta Project Manager, Program Development 646-495-1353 Meetings & Conference Programming
Kelsey Kettelhut Project Associate, Program Development 646-495-1389 Meetings & Conference Programming

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