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How to Create Members Only Content

Created by Idell Bryan on
Make any page visible to Members Only When creating a new webpage on your community site, you are given a choice of public or private visibility under the Content Visibility section. To create a webpage that can only be viewed by members, select private. This will mean that only logged in members will have access to the contents of your page. Sidebar navigational link Once your webpage has been created, you'll need to either link it from another webpage, create a navigation link which will be displayed on the left side pane, or add a special message on your site. At this time, there isn't a...

Embedding Paypal Buttons on Events

Created by John Vasko on
Some communities charge for their events and use Paypal to process their event charges. If you'd like to do this, you'll need to first set your entity Paypal account up. Once you do that and set up your event as one that can be paid through the service, you can link to Paypal from your community event page. You can also embed the code on the community event page. Embedding Paypal Ecommerce Code Embedding Paypal Ecommerce Code will result in your event looking similar to this one from the Kansas City Local Section. Cick on it to make it larger. To embed the code there are a couple of steps:...