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The Central New England Section of AIChE covers Northern Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. The University of Connecticut, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute are located in our district. We are dedicated to promoting education, academic excellence, technical innovation, professional development and professional ethics in Chemical Engineering.


Upcoming Event

Building a Successful Entrepreneurial Venture
Speaker: Dr. Larry Evans, AIChE Fellow and Past President
Date: Tuesday, November 12
Time: 5:30-8:30PM
Location: Marco Polo Restaurant, 1250 Burnside Ave, East Hartford, CT 06108
Cost: AIChE members, $15; non-members, $25; students, free.
* Cash and checks made payable to "AIChE Central New England Section" will be accepted forms of payment. Payment will be accepted at the event.

To register or for any questions, please contact Norberto Lemcoff, AIChE Central New England section officer, at lemcon@rpi.edu and fill out the information form below.

This is a joint meeting of AIChE Central New England and ASME Hartford sections.



Reception and networking: 5:30PM
Plated dinner: 6:30PM (options listed below)
Presentation with Q&A session: 7:15PM

Talk Description:
Many chemical engineers today are finding opportunities to join entrepreneurial ventures or even to start their own companies. In this talk, Dr. Lawrence Evans will draw on his experience in building Aspen Technology from a start-up to a large, successful public software company serving the chemical process industries. He will contrast it with his more recent experience as CEO and co-founder of the venture-financed start-up company, Rive Technology, commercializing advanced catalyst technology for energy applications. The focus of the talk will be on lessons learned and how these principles can be applied by chemical engineers to new opportunities today. The talk will include case-study examples showing how to succeed at each stage of development of the venture. This will include how to get started, translating concept into a concrete business plan, raising financing, and succeeding as a successful, growing company.

Speaker Biography:
Lawrence B. Evans founded Aspen Technology in 1981 and served as chairman and chief executive officer until 2002. During this time the company grew from a start-up to become the leading provider of software and solutions to the chemical process manufacturing industries. More recently he co-founded Rive Technology in 2006 to commercialize advanced catalyst technology for petroleum refining and served as CEO until 2012. He was professor of chemical engineering at MIT from 1962 to 1990, where he was well known for his work in computer-aided process design and process control. He served as President in 2007 of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Evans has received numerous awards. In 1982 the Computing and Systems Technology Division of AIChE awarded its Computing in Chemical Engineering Award to him. In 1997 he was named Entrepreneur of the Year for high technology in the New England region. FORTUNE magazine named him one of seven US Heroes of Manufacturing in 1999. That same year he received the University of Michigan College of Engineering’s Alumni Society Merit Award from the Department of Chemical Engineering.

In 2001, Evans was elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Chemical Engineering magazine chose him for the 2002 Award for Personal Achievement in Chemical Engineering. In 2003 he was elected a member of the University of Oklahoma, College of Engineering Distinguished Graduates Society and he received the Engineering Achievement Award from the Engineering Construction Contracting Association.

Evans holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma. He earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan.



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