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Cumulative Giving Society

AIChE Foundation activities would not be possible without the ongoing support of key donors. To acknowledge and thank these individuals for their extraordinary dedication the AIChE Foundation Board of Trustees has established the AIChE Cumulative Giving Society.

The generosity and commitment of these donors ensures AIChE's position at the forefront of the chemical engineering profession. It allows AIChE to continue build value for members by providing greater resources and improved programs for members and the broader public.

The program recognizes cumulative giving to AIChE Foundation activities and campaigns since 1994. The donor recognition levels set by the Board of Trustees are:

The names of donors who have reached these giving levels and wish to be recognized appear below. Additionally, donors who attend AIChE National Meetings are presented with a donor ribbon that they may wear on their conference badge.


  • Gordon A. Cain*
  • John J. McKetta, Jr.
  • John P. Sachs*
  • Darlene S. Schuster
  • John A. Sofranko
  • Klaus D. Timmerhaus*


  • Andreas and Juana Acrivos
  • James M. Braus
  • Scott D. Love
  • Stanley I. Proctor
  • Charles E. Reed*
  • Vern W. Weekman
  • June C. Wispelwey

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  • Katherine L. Chen
  • Richard E. Emmert
  • Eduardo D. Glandt
  • Deborah L. Grubbe
  • James M. Johnson
  • Norman N. Li
  • James F. Mathis
  • Susan and Franklin Orr
  • James B. Porter
  • Sidney F. Sapakie
  • Warren G. Schlinger
  • James A. Trainham
  • Alfred E. Wechsler

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  • Noubar Afeyan
  • Henry T. Brown
  • Calvin B. Cobb
  • Charles Cooney
  • Dianne Dorland
  • Basil C. Doumas
  • David & Karen Eckhardt
  • Thomas F. Edgar
  • Lowell L. Fellinger*
  • Bruce A. Finlayson
  • Andrew Grove
  • Hugh D. Guthrie*
  • Thomas R. Hanley
  • Arthur E. Humphrey
  • Sheldon E. Isakoff*
  • Dale L. Keairns
  • Harold S. Kemp*
  • Pierre R. Latour
  • Peter B. Lederman
  • Thomas R. Marrero
  • Emmett R. Miller
  • Darwin A. Novak, Jr.
  • Syamal K. Poddar
  • Otis A. Shelton
  • Jeffrey J. Siirola
  • Robert H. Smith
  • Arnold F. Stancell
  • Gregory Stephanopoulos
  • John C.  Tao
  • Edward F. Take
  • Glenn E. Taylor
  • Michael Thien
  • UJALA Family Foundation
  • Kathleen J. Beach MD & Phillip Westmoreland
  • Lianghzi Xie
  • Shariq Yosufzai

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  • Robert F. Anderson
  • Maria K. Burka
  • William D. Byers
  • Arun Chandavarkar
  • Charles R. Cutler
  • Robert H. Davis 
  • Russ E. Davis
  • James R. Deam
  • Thomas F. Degnan, Jr.
  • Robert C. Forney
  • Stephen Fox
  • Gerhard J. Frohlich
  • Marvin E. Gibbs
  • Joseph P. Glas
  • Joseph Goddard
  • Kaia and Jonathan Goldstein
  • Christine S. Grant
  • D. Andrew Himmelblau
  • Wei-Shou & Sheu-Ping Hu
  • C. Judson King
  • Henry T. Kohlbrand
  • Gary Leal
  • David T. Leighton, Jr.
  • Robert W. Lundeen
  • Henri J. Maget
  • Mary J. Markette
  • Edward R. H. McDowell
  • Michael J. Morgan
  • Duen Mou
  • Margaret H. Nellor
  • Soni O. Oyekan
  • Frank Pan
  • Hong Park
  • Sunwon Park
  • William Parrish
  • John W. Prados
  • Channing Robertson
  • William B. Russel
  • Ashok Sangari
  • Marvin Schlanger 
  • Warren & Diane Seider
  • Freeman E. Self
  • George Stephanopoulos
  • Darsh T. Wasan
  • Wendy Young-Reed

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  • Earl R. Beaver
  • Arindam Bose
  • P. L. Thibaut Brian
  • Evan Buck
  • Tzyy-wen Chiou
  • Andre DaCosta
  • Myron Dmytryszyn
  • John G. Ekerdt
  • Lawrence B. Evans
  • Liang Shih Fan 
  • H. Scott Fogler
  • E. Dennis Griffith
  • Leland H. Griffith
  • Michael T. Harris
  • L. Louis Hegedus
  • James C. Hill
  • Earp F. Jennings*
  • Bir Kapoor
  • William E. Katz
  • George E. Keller
  • Sangtae Kim
  • James G. Knudsen*
  • Mary Kathy Lee
  • Duncan A. Mellichamp
  • Thomas O. Mensah
  • Rodolphe L. Motard
  • John P. O'Connell
  • Kimberly & Gregory Ogden
  • Carmo J. Pereira
  • John W. Poysa, Jr.
  • Michael P. Ramage
  • Gintaris V. Reklaitis
  • Ronald W. Rousseau
  • Eugene Schaefer
  • James R. Swartz
  • Gavin Towler
  • Hendrick C. Van Ness*
  • Roland Voorhees*
  • R. Kenneth Wolfe


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For more information about the cumulative giving society, please contact or call (646) 495-1340.