Operating Guidelines

These are guidelines for AIChE Foundation operations and are intended to be consistent with the Bylaws defining the Foundation.

The Board of Trustees

(BOT) makes recommendations on Foundation operations to the Board of Directors.  The Chair of the Board of Trustees makes a report to the BOD (at least annually), including a financial statement.

Trustees are appointed by the Executive Committee of the BOT (ExCom) and the ExCom members are approved by the Board of Directors.

In making an appointment to the BOT, the ExCom should consider a candidate Trustee’s personal financial / volunteer commitment to AIChE and their capability to contribute as a Foundation volunteer.

Trustees serve three-year terms.

Trustees elect the Chair, Vice Chair, and one other at large trustee member to the Executive Committee for two-year terms. The Executive Committee is to form a Nominating Committee to prepare a list of candidates for the Executive Committee. Past Chair is to serve on Executive Committee. Vice Chair succeeds automatically to Chair.

Election cycle:  This cycle occurs every other year.

The President of AIChE appoints four members of the current Board of Directors to serve as ex-officio members of the Executive Committee on an annual basis.  These ex-officio members’ primary responsibility is to enhance communication and align the goals of fundraising between the BOT and the Board of Directors.

AIChE staff will track BOT and ExCom membership, contact information, and tenure status and communicate this routinely to the ExCom.

ExCom members may also serve as committee chairs (Recognition, Annual Campaign, Planned Giving, Grant Writing, and Major Campaign Committees.)

Some trustees, having made significant contributions to the Foundation, have been designated Emeritus trustees.  Emeritus trustees are welcome to participate in Board and ExCom activities on an ongoing basis.  The ExCom will approve designation of additional Trustees to Emeritus status as appropriate.

Foundation Chair responsibilities include:

  • Ensure that new trustee and ExCom members are identified to comply with election cycle and tenure guidelines.
  • Develop agendas for and run periodic meetings (face to face or virtual) of the ExCom and the Board of Trustees.
  • Prepare and present annual update for the Board of Directors including a financial report.  Maintain good communication throughout the year with the Board of Directors.

Foundation Vice Chair responsibilities include:

  • Learn Foundation operational detail and suggesting improvements.
  • Learn from Chair how to effectively run Foundation activities.
  • Fill in for Chair as necessary.
  • Identify candidates for new Trustees and ExCom members.

Committee Chairs responsibilities include:

  • Updating Committee charter as needed.
  • Update Committee roles and responsibilities document.
  • Communicate regularly with the ExCom regarding the status of the Committee’s efforts.
  • Lead Committee meetings as necessary.

Trustee responsibilities include:

  • Participating in the activities of at least one Committee. 
  • Either making leadership donations to the Foundation or successfully soliciting others to do the same or both.

AIChE staff responsibilities include:

  • Track active personal donors.
  • Track corporate donors.
  • Track trustee terms.
  • Work with Chair/Vice Chair/Committees to prepare materials including board presentations, marketing materials, processes, etc.
  • Develop materials for Fundraising campaigns.
  • Organize information for Foundation annual reporting.
  • Provide ongoing support of Committee activities and programs.