Foundation Governance

The AIChE Foundation is governed by the AIChE Foundation Board of Trustees and operates under the auspices of the AIChE Board of Directors.  Ongoing programs administered by the AIChE Foundation include scholarships and support of activities for students, young professionals, women and minority chemical engineers.

In 2006, the operational structure of the AIChE Foundation was enhanced to better coordinate AIChE's volunteer-driven fundraising activities. These changes will allow the AIChE Foundation to more actively meet the growing demands of existing programs and new initiatives, as well as support the development of the Institute's strategic goals.

The AIChE Foundation Board of Trustees has been organized into five smaller Foundation Committees, each focusing on types of gifts. Committee activities are overseen by the AIChE Foundation Executive Committee. All Foundation activity follows established Operating Guidelines.

The AIChE Foundation Board of Trustees typically meet three times a year, at the AIChE Annual (Fall) and Spring Meetings, and via teleconference/web in June or July.  Additional committee teleconferences are organized throughout the year on an "as-needed" basis, typically 3 to 4 times a year.

For more information about the AIChE Foundation, please contact us at or directly.

Legal Name: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AIChE Employer Identification Number: 13-1623892

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