Meet Milena Stefanovic — Featured Student for July

Where are you from?

The Woodlands, TX

What school do you go to? What year are you?

Texas A&M University - Senior

Do you hold any positions in your AIChE chapter or with AIChE nationally?

Co-President of the Texas A&M Chapter

Describe an event in your chapter that you are most proud to have been involved with.

We hosted the 2014 Southwest Regional Student Conference.

What are your plans after graduation? In what field are you most interested in having an impact?

I am interested in working in the Oil & Energy industry.

How do you blow off steam and keep your sanity between classes, homework and projects?

Baking! There's nothing a chocolate cupcake can't fix.

Which of your undergraduate classes have you most enjoyed?

I am really enjoying the process and industry safety classes I have been taking for my Safety Engineering Certificate. It really makes me understand and appreciate what goes into keeping employees, the environment and community safe while still yielding a profitable product. I think that this knowledge is applicable in any engineering role.



What is the best kept secret on your campus?

The Keurig machine in the student lounge in the Chemical Engineering Building. It's great for a boost between classes, or during a late night study session!

Do you have any advice to incoming students and underclassmen ChEs around the world?

Join your university's AIChE chapter! AIChE has provided me with opportunities for personal and professional development that I would never have come across otherwise. It's a great way to network with industry professionals, and get a sense of what you want to do after graduation. I also met some of my closest friends through AIChE, and they have been one of my biggest support systems throughout college.

What's your first thought when you wake up in the morning?

What's for breakfast?

How would you like to be involved with AIChE after graduation?

I'd like to get involved with AIChE Young Professionals, as well as with industry groups in my field.

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