Meet Jeremiah Traeger—Featured Student for March

Where are you from? Arizona What school do you go to? What year are you? University of Arizona, Class of 2014 Do you hold any positions in your AIChE chapter or with AIChE nationally? AIChE Chapter President Describe an event in your chapter that you are most proud to have been involved with. AIChE hosts a department picnic every semester, and it is always so fun to get everyone together to share food and hang out! What are your plans after graduation? In what field are you most interested in having an impact? At the time of writing, I'm waiting to hear back from grad schools. I hope to get a lot of research skills. The nanotechnology field looks amazing, so hopefully I can find a career in that. Which of your undergraduate classes have you most enjoyed? Transport Phenomena was mind blowing. Our professor's homework and test problems were frequently real-life examples, from medical application to environmental contamination problems to cooking. Once I was able to use those principles, I felt like I could model anything! How did you decide to pursue a degree in ChE? I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do as a career, and I still am not really sure! I knew I loved math and science, though, and chemical engineering seemed like it had plenty. Thankfully the field is so wide, I feel I can pretty much go into any field I want if I work hard enough. What will you be most saddened to leave behind at school when you move on? The Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Arizona is incredibly tight-knit, I will be so sad to be leaving the community! I have never been a part of a community I have felt was "just right." I am able to talk to any of the professors and not only do they genuinely care about our future, but they act like real friends and real people when we talk! I am able to talk to every person in my class and feel a good connection. What is the most unexpected thing you have been asked in an interview? "What is the difference between a human and a dog?" My answer was not very exciting. I think I just described the biological differences. It's hard to be creative on the spot! Do you have any advice to incoming students and underclassmen ChEs around the world? Know what you're getting into. There's a lot of work involved, and it's never going to be easy. With that in mind, it's definitely worth everything! If your initials (first/last or first/middle/last) stood for something other than your name, what would it be? JT can stand for a lot of things: Justin Timberlake, Joule-Thomson, John Tolkien. I'm not sure what my favorite is. How would you like to be involved with AIChE after graduation? As a graduate student, who knows what I'll be able to do? If it's anything like my community now, I'll try to make it work. You can contact Jeremiah through his LinkedIn profile.

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