Meet Anju Gupta — Featured YP for August

Where are you from? India What company/institution do you work for? Texas A&M International University Where did you complete/are you completing your chemical engineering education? University of Rhode Island How many years have you been a member of AIChE? Five years Describe a recent challenge you managed, notable achievement, or obstacle you overcame at your job or in your work as an AIChE member? Recently I conducted a one-day workshop titled "Introduction to Chemical Engineering Curriculum and the Profession" for K12 teachers, and it was challenging because chemical engineering is so vast and the time was short. What do you do to meet people in your field? I attend conferences.

What's the first thought you have when you wake up in the morning? How many classes am I teaching today? If you weren't a ChE what would you most want to be? A chef What don't most people know about you? My haircutting skills (former roommates can vouch for that ) How many ChEs does it take to screw in a light bulb? Professor: none, it will be assigned to a post doc or a graduate student Graduate student: one, but it may take up to five years Undergraduate: depends if it's going to be on the exam Do you have any advice for current or future young professionals reading ChEnected? Have two different experiences: internship at an industry and working in a research lab, during your undergraduate studies.

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Anuja Sawant's picture

Hello Anju. Your advice was reassuring. I am a graduate in chemical engineering and I have researched in a chemistry lab for a year during my master's in green technology. As much as you understand my inconvenience in mastering chemistry, I think you understand just how much it broadened my view about a chemical industry. :)