September 2012 CEP Preview

Safety: Handle Corrosive Acids and Caustics Safely

Back to Basics: Selecting Tube Inserts for Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
A tube insert modifies flow stream characteristics to enhance heat transfer. Here's how to choose the optimal insert to meet process requirements.

Understand the corrosivity hazards of acids and caustics, and follow these guidelines to manage those hazards through inherently safer design, engineering and administrative controls, and personal protective equipment.

On the Horizon: Bio-Based Materials Step into the Operating Room (Click here to read this article now)
A new class of implantable medical materials -- constructed from naturally derived and renewably sourced polymers -- is poised to transform clinical medicine.

Computational Methods: Using DEM to Solve Bulk Material Handling Problems
The discrete element method (DEM) models the behavior of individual particles to provide insight into the behavior of the bulk material.

News: Slippery Surface Is Too Slick for Bacterial Films ... New Materials Put the Brakes on Infection ... ITO Flexes Its Muscles ... Control Wrinkles with this Simple Method ... Sapphire Rocks the Fiber Optics World ... Thin-Film Batteries Stretch their Muscles ... Biobutanol Moves Forward in the Biofuels Race ... Gating Zaps Any Semiconductor into a High-Performance Solar Cell ... Chem Economics: ACC Releases Portfolio of Specialty Chemicals Indexes... AIChE Journal Highlight: A New Spin on Separations

Plus: Editorial: A ChE's Path to Sustainability ... What's New ... Process Automation Corner: The American Philosopher-Kings and Technical Innovation ... Process Safety Beacon: What Can I Do? I'm Just the Operator ... Product Digest: Measurement Equipment ... Institute News: New Fellows; Member News; Calendars ...YPOV: AIChE Foundation Invests in Tomorrow's Leaders

Also: Special Advertising Section: AIChE's ScaleUp -- A Win-Win for Students and Industry

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