Meet Brian Daly—Featured YP for October

Where are you from? Houston, TX but now living in the Minneapolis area. What company/institution do you work for? Plant Engineering Services on loan to Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend Refinery. Where did you complete your chemical engineering education? University of Houston (Go Coogs!) How many years have you been a member of AIChE? 9 years. Describe a recent challenge you managed, notable achievement, or obstacle you overcame at your job or in your work as an AIChE member? I work onsite at a refinery, and one of the project managers from the refinery needed process data for water/ammonia mixture for a refrigeration system they were studying and had asked me to look into it. So I logged into the AIChE online library and found some sources and articles that talked in depth about the process. I handed those sources over to the project manager and he was very happy with the results. What do you do to meet people in your field? Go to AIChE meetings, either at local sections or national meetings, and most especially be an active volunteer within AIChE in some fashion. Doing those things goes a long way to meeting other cheme's as well as leaving them with a lasting good impression. Sometimes you never know when you need to ride a good reputation. ;) There are two types of ChemEs... those who_______ and those who ________. Those who engineer and those who forget to engineer (aka management). ;)

Brian Daly on the Rio Grande

What's the first thought you have when you wake up in the morning? Who's that poking my ribs? If your first and last initials stood for something other than your name, what would that be? Bastion Dodecahedral. If you're college had offered a class on real-life skills for the aspiring ChE, what would you want them to teach? How to use a Simulator. SRSLY. If you weren't a ChE what would you most want to be? An artist or novelist. Or maybe both. What don't most people know about you? I write crappy science fiction stories. How many ChEs does it take to screw in a light bulb? Depends, is it a reimbursable job or lump sump turn key? Do you have any advice for current or future young professionals reading ChEnected? No man's career is an island. Don't be afraid or dismissive of what AIChE can do for you professional life. The Institute can do many wonderful things for you, but you must take the initiative to make them happen. You can contact Brian through his LinkedIn profile.

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Congrats Brian! Well Deserved!

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Congrats Brian!!!