Outreach Efforts

International Participation

Another integral activity of the RCN-CCUS is the promotion of global collaboration in the research of CCUS. Global collaborations are vital for any research activities to generate science and technologies that will truly and universally improve people’s lives. Unlike other localized environmental issues such as acid rain and ground water contamination, the anthropogenic carbon emission is the environmental challenge that impacts the global communities, and without the international collaborations, meaningful remedies would be impossible.

Meanwhile, the direction of CCUS research is often determined based on the geological and industrial characteristics of the local region. Thus, the goal of such research is not to find a universal solution, but rather to find the best solution for the particular region. The same scientific fundamentals, however, would apply to the different technologies being developed in other regions. Therefore, research collaboration with global researchers is highly desired for the proposed research. The international participants are fully integrated into each Thrust area.