Manage Risks

Companies are constantly looking for effective execution of risk based process safety tasks. Risk management can help a company to better deal with the resultant risks and sustain long-term accident free and profitable operations.

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Gains From Getting near Misses Reported

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 3, 2012
[An earlier edition of this paper was first presented at the “International Conference and Workshop – Process Safety Incidents,” 2000, organized by...

An Introduction to Assessing Process Hazards

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 3, 2012
A surprising number of process incidents occur due to a lack of general understanding of process hazards and lack of basic hazards assessment,...

Retired and Dangerous

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 2, 2012
“Planning not to retire is simply not a viable retirement strategy.” — Catherine Collinson, Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies The Hazard...

The CCPS Reactivity Evaluation Software Tool

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 2, 2012
Incidents involving uncontrolled chemical reactions continue to result in injuries, fatalities and economic loss and harm in industry. These...

Avoiding Common PHA Mistakes

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 2, 2012
OSHA's National Emphasis Program (NEP) on refineries has concluded. The two most cited elements of the Process Safety Management standard (PSM - 1910...

Stability Analysis of Safety Valve

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Mar 22, 2010
The stability for a safety valve was investigated by experiments and analysis. It was found that the dynamic instability was caused by the...

Use Logic Diagrams to Analyze Failure Mechanisms

Thiago Tinoco Pires
Here’s how to construct and apply continuous-value and single-value network diagrams, which can better represent system failure mechanisms than other logic diagrams.

Controlling Risk During Major Capital Projects

William Bridges
Think of process safety management (PSM) as a project deliverable, and follow these best practices for scheduling and performing process hazard analyses (PHAs) and completing other PSM requirements during key phases of a major project.

Reduce Thermal Risk in Industrial Synthesis

Richard C. Wedlich 
Knowing the safe operating conditions for a reaction allows us to select appropriate safety measures and thereby lower both the likelihood and the severity of a thermal runaway.

Simplify Reliability Analysis of Chemical Processes

Farshad Nourai
Originally developed for discrete manufacturing, this method can be applied to process units to detect which components may fail, and correct the situation before trouble happens.
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