Refers to PES equipment status following approved future equipment classification. While the PES is passing a user approved, beta site test, the PES must pass a list of generic criteria, as follows:

  • Producer approval of PES hardware.
  • Timely plant access to and review of all PES problems and engineering change orders (ECOs).
  • Plant approval of PES hardware.
  • Plant approval of PES software.
  • Plant approval of PES product documentation.
  • Plant approval of PES application program documentation.
  • Plant approval of producer's training for plant maintenance.
  • Analysis of PES "watchdog timer" (WDT) diagnostics confirming a WDT exists and a WDT can be added (if required) that has no common mode faults with the PES it is monitoring.

If the PES testing and analysis is successful, the PES is classified "approved".