Dr. Daniel A. Crowl

Dr. Daniel A. Crowl

Herbert H. Dow Professor for Chemical Process Safety
Department of Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University

Dr. Daniel A. Crowl is the Herbert H. Dow Professor for Chemical Process Safety in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University.  Professor Crowl received his B.S. in fuel science from the Pennsylvania State University and his M.S. and PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois.

He is co-author of the textbook Chemical Process Safety: Fundamentals with Applications, 1st and 2nd editions published by Prentice Hall, and author of the books Guidelines for Consequence Analysis of Chemical Releases and Understanding Explosions, published by AICHE.  He was the executive producer of the videotape series Safety in the Chemical Process Industries. Dr. Crowl also edited (with S. S. Grossel) the Handbook of Highly Toxic Materials Handling and Management, published by Marcel Dekker in 1994,  Inherently Safer Chemical Processes - A Life Cycle Approach,  Layer of Protection Analysis and Human Factors Methods for Improving Performance in the Process Industries  published by AICHE.  He contributed a section on vapor dispersion in Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook, 7th ed. and is the editor of the safety section for the 8th edition. 

Professor Crowl is a member of the AICHE Loss Prevention Committee, and past chair of the AICHE Loss Prevention Symposium.  He is past President of the Safety and Health Division of AICHE.  He serves on several AICHE/CCPS committees, including the Undergraduate Education Committee and the Technical Steering Committee.

In 1990 Professor Crowl received the Bill Doyle award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, in 1992 he received the Chemical Engineer of the Year Award from the Detroit Local Section of the AICHE, in 1994 he received the Chemical Health and Safety Award from the American Chemical Society, in 1998 he received the Catalyst Award from the Chemical Manufacturers’ Association, in 1999 he received the Safety and Health in Chemical Engineering Education Award of Excellence from the Joint Council for Health, Safety, and Environmental Education of Professionals, in 2002 he received the Walton/Miller award from the Safety and Health Division of AICHE, and in 2007 he received the Gary Leach Award from AICHE council for his participation in the Chem-E-Car safety program development.

Professor Crowl is a Fellow of AICHE, ACS and CCPS.