Research Excellence In Sustainable Engineering Award

Award is annually presented for basic or applied research results relative to the sustainability of products, processes, or the environment. The award is to recognize the one who has made significant technical contributions to the teaching, and development activities. Emphasis should be placed...

Robert E. Wilson Award

Recognizes outstanding chemical engineering contributions and achievements in the nuclear industry, and promotes the objectives of the Nuclear Engineering Division of AIChE. Although membership is not required, preference will be given to AIChE members.

Sabic Young Professional Award

Outstanding and internationally recognized contributions in particle technology.

Metrics will include:

  • technical contribution to the field of particle technology, such as innovation, breakthrough research demonstrated through patents and publications, and 
  • service to
  • ...

SEP Founders Award

This award recognizes outstanding service to the Separations Division. The recipient must have a considerable record of service to the Separations Division and the separations area, performed above and beyond the expected duties, and participated extensively in a variety of division activities...

Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award

Recognizes outstanding graduate students in adsorption and ion exchange, crystallization and evaporation, distillation and absorption, extraction, fluid-particle separations, membrane-based separations, and bioseparations.

Sustainability Education Award

The Sustainability Education award will recognize and honor one educator who has made outstanding contributions to sustainability education. Examples of contribution include, but not limited to successful incorporation of sustainability in classroom or engineering community. The nominees will be...